The Grant Bradley Charitable Trust


The principal benefactor of The Trust is The PG Group of companies who have made regular large donations since 2002. The Trust is very grateful to the directors for their continued and consistent support. In addition to providing cash donations, The PG Group facilitates the growth of The Trust’s property portfolio which will resource The Trust in the long term.

In addition to corporate donations, the directors and staff of The PG Group are individually and collectively significant personal benefactors of The Trust.

The Trust has many friends. These individuals support our work with one-off and sometimes regular donations. Our friends help us with fundraising initiatives and help organise and promote sponsored runs, fun filled activities and above all, our spectacular annual party – “The Buddy Ball”. Introduced in memory of the late Peter Bradley, co-founder of The Trust, this annual black tie event, attended by over 200 guests has helped to so far raise well in excess of £100,000 for charities and good causes.

Thank you to all who help us with their time, energy and money. Please click on “Fundraising” to see how you can contribute.