The Grant Bradley Charitable Trust

Parroquia de San Antonio

A donation of £70,000 from the Trust helped build a new church in Peru which now has more than 1,000 parishioners.

When Father Danny O’Sullivan of Clifton Diocese arrived in Moqueguana 15 years ago, just 16 people attended Mass.

The new Church is named after St Anthony of Padua and a bronze plaque in it is dedicated to Trust co-founder, Peter Bradley.

Fr. Danny said: "San Antonio was just a desert plain when I arrived here 15 years ago. People mostly lived in houses made of reed matting. As more families took up residence, we began to dream of building our parish church. The Grant Bradley Trust has been with me in the tough times, sent me encouraging messages and, always, your generous donations.”

Fr Gregory Grant said: “I have known Fr Danny¬† for over 40 years and greatly admire his missionary zeal. One of our aims is to promote Catholic faith and this parish is a clear example of how we can assist those making a big effort to improve the faith life of their community.”