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Little Sisters of the Poor

little sisters of the poor with father gregory grant

The Trust has donated £1,500 to The Little Sisters of the Poor who run St. Joseph's Home for the Elderly in Cotham. Sister Theresa (pictured with Father Gregory) said a big "Thank You" to the Trust which regularly contributes to the home.

Hope Farm, Thembisa, South Africa

hope farm grannies project tee shirts

The Trust has sent £1,600 this month to Andrew and Rae Wartnaby to help their Grannies project. Their aim is for dozens of “Grannies” who care for so many grandchildren and orphans to have their own chickens, seeds and seedlings and a solar panel. Hope Farm also runs a school for the children whose parents have died of AIDS or who have left to look for work. The donation from the Trust is part of ongoing support for Hope Farm. Last year, suitcases full of tee shirts, shorts, shawls and clothes were sent from the Trust as well.

 Jingle Bell Ball

jingle bell ball raises funds for charity

Star Wars Troopers from the UK Garrison helped a Bristol charity to raise more than £2,000 for good causes.

They were the “secret weapon” at The Jingle Bell Ball, organised by The Grant Bradley Charitable Trust who helped boost the total of a fundraising auction in aid of the homeless and needy of Bristol. The UK Garrison is a charity costuming group and is officially recognised by Lucasfilm. They work with some of the biggest names in the Star Wars industry.

Around 130 guests attended the party at Bristol’s circus school - Circomedia, Portland Square, where a trapeze artist entertained guests. Catering was by Pieminister, the city’s award winning pie company.

The proceeds of a charity auction has boosted The Crisis Centre Ministries, which runs The Wild Goose Café, Stapleton Road, Bristol.

Stuart Gaiger, fundraiser for The Grant Bradley Trust, said: “It is one of the charities we support – so far this year we have donated around £5,000 and will present a cheque for a further £2,000 next week.”

Charity Shop in Bratislava

father lubo and helpers charity shop bratislava

The Trust has helped set up the first charity shop in Eastern Europe!

Fr Lubo Farkas, who appealed to Father Gregory Grant for help with a fundraising project, has written from Slovakia to tell us of the success of the charity shop set up by the Trust and parishioners of St Patricks Church. Its aim was to raise funds for the country’s childrens’ cancer hospital but is now helping other people in need as well. Bristol parishioners rallied round to send a lorry full of good quality clothes. Now businesses in Bratislava have rallied round to help by donating unwanted goods, including jeans by Dolce & Gabana and fashions by Tommy Hilfiger. Parishioners donated a lorry load of clothes and the transport and setting up costs for the shop were paid for by the Trust.

bratislava charity shop helpers

Father Lubo writes:

Dear Friends,
I'm proud to tell you, that our charity shop is doing really well. We have now 7 volunteers that are helping us with propagation. Most things are done by my nephew, Marian, and me. We have created a website and are working also on Facebook and selling some gadgets via the internet.
Recently we received many bags of good quality clothes from local people. One firm has donated 100 pairs of Italian stylish shoes, about 40 pairs of jeans from Dolce and Gabana, and some nice jumpers and suits from Tommy Hilfiger. All are older models that were never sold or used.
We also officially cooperate with local residents and have good support from the Mayor. We now work closely and support three more groups of social workers who work with mothers in need, homeless people and seniors.
We have become popular in the media, too. Some reporters wrote articles about our charity model and we have been interviewed by our state radio station (the Slovak equal of BBC1). We also administer a Facebook group called: Robim co mozem-ak mozem pomozem. In English: I'm doing my best - I'll help whenever I can. We have about 500 followers in this group. We are trying to coordinate their interest in charity projects.
You can find us on these addresses: 

Thank you again to all our friends and supporters who launched this charity shop, it is the first in the Eastern Europe.

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